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Whenever I hear that the Bible is the “living Word of God,” it makes me cringe. Not because I don’t believe it, but because people use this as an excuse for using it to spread hate, treating it as if it is stagnant, unchanging, concrete. But living things are not stagnant, unchanging, or concrete. They are constantly changing, evolving, adapting. We are living, and we change every day according to our circumstances. So when I hear “living Word,” I think exactly that; that God uses the Bible to speak to each person individually, according to their circumstances, according to what their heart needs at the time.

Something cannot be living and unchanging.




Smiling for the camera




Life will throw us curveballs. We can be afraid of them, dodge them, try to avoid them, but in the end we only wind up striking out. Curveballs are no different than any other pitch — they have equal potential for us to win or lose. That means that the only way to handle them is to face them head on and make a home run out of whatever life throws our way.

You can’t always make something good out of a bad event. That isn’t failure. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still an opportunity ahead. They say “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” but that doesn’t change the fact that you are still in a tunnel. But if you only focus on the tunnel, you will miss the light. All you can do is keep moving forward until the light obscures the darkness.

We can’t always predict what will happen to us, but we can’t dwell on what has already happened. When faces with a moment that throws everything into chaos, we can choose to stay put, mourning what we have lost, or we can choose to move forward. But in the end, it is a choice that we must make. Once we make the choice to move forward, the steps we need to take will suddenly become clear.

When I bought my Jeep, one of the things that stood out was the color. A beautiful deep blue, slightly pearlized, not really midnight but not really royal. Just a stunning dark blue. When I looked over the paperwork, it had the name of the paint color: patriot blue. Of course, given the events that had recently happened, it took on a little more meaning then, but still a cheesy name nonetheless. But I never forgot that.

The other day, I brought home the next chapter in my life, a little silver 2011 Jeep.

Her name?

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The healing has begun.

I have spent the last few days trying to catch up with my thoughts as well as working on a new project. Full entry coming tomorrow, but for now, enjoy this preview.

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Realized this morning that if people are actually going to read this, I should probably update the “About” section to something more current than 3 years ago. Check.

I’ve long joked that my sole purpose in life is to provide God with some comic relief. I don’t say this to be hard on myself or make others feel bad for me — I consider it quite an honor to be the one that God can occasionally laugh at. Thee are just some things that happen in my life that I can only think occurred because God needed a laugh. Not a mean-spirited laugh, mind you; I don’t believe that God is some sort of cosmic bully who needs to hurt people to have a good time. But when I think about the things He has to endure, looking out on the world and seeing all of the people He loves who aren’t going for their dreams, who aren’t loving as they are loved, who are hurting themselves, I can’t even imagine the pain He must feel, the sadness of watching us destroy ourselves. He has to find delight in something, and if He creates people for that reason, I’m delighted to be a part of that.

Because seriously, who is allergic to cockatiels? Really?

*cosmic snickering*