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More of a random post, but a list of various events:

New Moon:  I was lucky enough to see this movie with two awesome friends the day after it was released.  Theatre was packed, and they even opened up a second theatre for the showing!  It was a lot of fun being there with all the other Twilight fans.  And the director did an infinitely better job on this one than the first movie.  I felt like it followed the book much better, and there was no wasting 10 minutes of lying in a field staring at each other.  Very awesome.  (And for the record:  I was Team Jacob before he was hot.  Just sayin’.)

In other news, Madeline Pickens is once influencing policies at the OSU vet school.  Someone really needs to tell that woman that having money doesn’t make you intelligent.  I just don’t understand why one person can have more influence than a multitude of highly trained (emphasis on the TRAINED) professionals who deal with public health and animal welfare issues.  (Well, I understand it, but it’s embarrassing.)  Heaven forbid controversial issues be driven more by facts and investigation than opinionated millionaires.  I wonder how PETA feels about Madeline Pickens’ race horses.  (Or more importantly, how they would feel if she wasn’t rich.)

Lastly:  prayers for my dear friend Stacy who recently experienced an unspeakable tragedy.  She is a beautiful, intelligent, strong woman who should not have been made to face such saddness.  Sending prayers and love her way.

Until next time…


Oh wow, I missed an entire rotation of updating. Oops. Sorry everyone. My last rotation kept me busy, but mainly I’ve been studying for my national boards licensing exam. Next Monday will determine whether or not I can practice medicine. It’s a little scary to think about how quickly this snuck up on me. It seems like yesterday I had plenty of time to study and prepare and now I have a week. Eeep!

My studying has consisted mostly of taking practice quizzes and reading notes on an online review site. I’m hoping this will be enough. If my scores are an indicator of anything, I should pass. Of course, there is no guarantee on anything. Hence why I’m starting to feel the pressure. I feel like I have a lot still to get through and now I’m almost out of time. So it’s a little scary. We shall see how things go.

The worst part? I won’t know if I passed for about 2 months.

I woke up this morning to the sound of birds singing.  It was a beautiful sound and took me back to the days of childhood, where waking up to singing birds was a daily occurrence.  The cool weather just adds to the nostalgia.  This is my favorite time of year.  My 3 favorite holidays in a row, beautiful weather, the atmosphere and energy in the air is the most enjoyable feeling in the world.  It makes me long for the simpler days of childhood, when this season could be enjoyed without the stresses of everyday adulthood.

I have my Halloween costume.  I’m branching out from my usual costumes and reaching into the world of the fantastic.  I’m very excited to have all the pieces and see it finalized.  I will post pictures once it is done.

I’m really enjoying anesthesia.  The clinician pushes the philosophy of the anesthetist as the patient advocate, and I definitely feel like that.  I cringe anytime a surgeon manipulates an animal with more purpose than compassion.  I get frustrated when I can’t have full access to the patient or my monitoring equipment.  I really enjoy being able to focus on the patient’s vitals and how they are doing during the procedure.  It will be interesting to see things from the other side of the table when I have my surgery rotation.

A full day of studying awaits me.  Perhaps the birds will keep singing for me.

Whew!  Today was a busy day in anesthesia.  We had several cases today that were in surgery.  Amazingly, we had a lot of horses.  5, to be exact.  I got out of my surgery at 6pm and they were in the middle of one horse surgery and planned at least one more tonight.  Eek!  Talk about a long night!  At least it’s a rotation I’m enjoying.  Hopefully I will feel the same way tomorrow after mid-block reviews.

7am rounds are exhausting!  Looking forward to sleep tonight!

I’m nearly halfway through my final year of vet school.  I can honestly say that God knew what He was doing when He put my schedule together.  Going from the nightmare of ICU to a wonderful relaxing vacation made coming back extremely difficult.  Thankfully, anesthesia has been a wonderful rotation.  I really enjoy a rotation where I don’t have to worry about a lot of paperwork but I still get to take care of the patient.  It’s a good feeling.  I did have one case that kept me at school until 1am (emergency back surgery), but even then I didn’t mind.  And the clinician let me go home early the next day because they didn’t have any cases.  Sadly, I missed out on 2 hours of catchphrase.  Dang.

Amazingly, I somehow got a B in ICU.  I also received some rather nasty comments, several with falsehoods included, but whatever.  I know of at least one other person in the same situation as me (good grade, bad comments), and basically it’s just one more thing to brush off.  I’ll take comments seriously when they aren’t personal attacks.  Until then, I’m going to laugh at the pettiness and immaturity of it all.

I also find it extremely difficult to be told by people that I need to work on my professionalism when one of the technicians started dating one of the students on the rotation.  Somehow, the hypocrisy of that is just a little overwhelming.

Boards are coming up, much faster than I would like.  Studying isn’t going as well as it should either.  Eek!

Since I’m un-officially done with my 3rd year (woohoo!!!!!!), this post will just be a conglomeration of random thoughts as I spend time NOT studying and finally being able to relax.  So enjoy!

-School:  Awards banquet was tonight.  Surprisingly, I had an absolute blast!!!!!  I met the coolest woman who was the pure embodiment of how I want to be when I grow older.  Outspoken, lively, loving life, not afraid to share her opinions — she was amazing.  I only wish I’d been able to sit at her table and talk to her more.  I could have spent hours with her.  I wound up getting one award for ZEW (zoo, exotics, and wildlife) preceptor/conferences, which was really cool.  I wasn’t expecting it at all, but it was a wonderful surprise.  I did get to sit with Dr. Ketz, which is always enjoyable.  So overall, it was really a nice night.  Not having a test tomorrow was an added bonus.

-Love:  I get to see my wonderful husband in 5 days!  It’s been way too long and I’m excited to finally be seeing him for the first time since Christmas!  I’m really looking forward to a nice relaxing trip, getting to visit good friends, and mostly just getting away from the toxic school environment that has been weighting me down for so long.

-Friends:  Went on a shopping trip with Melissa yesterday.  Oh so much fun.  And I have a problem with makeup and body stuff.  This was already common knowledge, but it was rather obvious I haven’t been really shopping in awhile.  Oops…..

-Life:  Got my hair done today for the first time in awhile.  It’s darker and redder than the last couple of times, but I still like it.  Plus, since it’s red, it will fade rather quickly, and then I can go from there.  I’m not complaining, though.  I really love it.  I was in dire need of a deep condition too, since I haven’t had anything done since last semester, and it was rather obvious that my hair was desperate for something.

-Animals:  Not much going on in this front.  My dad’s bunny was diagnosed with cancer last week and went under surgery to remove a tumor that wound up being about the size of a softball.  Nevertheless, she is recovering quite well, despite having chewed her outside stitches out.  Hopefully she’ll still be around for a little longer, but it was nice going home over Easter weekend to see her since I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit again.  Life is, as you can imagine, emptier without little Luna, but I am dealing.  I’ve got ideas of how to keep her memory alive, so perhaps there will be an update about that soon.

Other Random:  not sure how managed to direct traffic to my blog, but I’m not complaining.  Surely my life has to be interesting to more than the 2-3 consistent readers.  😉

Alright, off to go………oh wait, I don’t have to study tonight!  HAHAHAHA!!!!

*Edit:  not sure why wordpress decided to add slashes in front of all my apostrophes, but whatev.

I’ve officially got one week of classes left.  No more exams, just a few papers to finish up and then showing up to class to sign the sheet.  I forced myself to do as much work as I could this weekend so that I could handle the complete loss of motivation that I knew was coming.  I will be leaving on Saturday to visit my husband for the first time in 5 months, and I absolutely cannot wait for that!  I am so ready to be out of here!

4th year is coming up, and in a way, I’m starting to get excited.  I know that it’s going to be a lot of work and utterly exhausting at times, but at least it’s closer to reality than what I’ve endured for the last 3 years.  One year of that and then I get to finally do what I came to vet school to do.  There has been a lot of things that have occurred over the last 3 years that I haven’t agreed with.  Lots of politics, changing philosophies — it’s fair to say I’m definitely old-fashioned.  Much more of a James Herriot view of vet med rather than the animal version of human med that is becoming the new face of the profession.  Not that I think there is anything necessarily wrong with that attitude — the animals are certainly benefiting from the medical and technological advancements — but I am not one to be stuck in a hospital all day.  I want to be out in the world, doing stuff on the farm, or in a shelter, helping animals that truly need it that can’t exactly afford the new technologies and procedures out there.  That doesn’t mean I want to provide sub-standard care:  on the contrary.  I want to provide the best care possible.  I just don’t want my clients to be bound by financial constraints that come with these advancements.

That said, I am definitely excited to be going into 4th year, but more than anything, I am excited to be able to serve the animal kingdom and the humans who care for them.

This past weekend was the SAVMA symposium in Columbus, OH.  I have to admit — I wasn’t incredibly sure what to expect.  I was going for two main reasons:  1.)  I got into the Sea Turtle Anatomy wetlab, and 2.)  I was also using the trip to visit a family friend.  I was incredibly impressed with the conference and had a fantastic time!  After getting there and planning out my schedule, I’m pretty sure I only went to half of the lectures I planned on attending, but it was awesome!  It was really nice going to more “alternative” lectures, such as feline indoor enrichment — stuff that is really important in real life that isn’t adequately covered in vet school.  I also attended a lot of alternative therapy lectures and was rather surprised at how much I enjoyed them.  While I’m not going to run out and be a purely naturalist/holistic vet who shuns traditional medicine for herbs and chants, a lot of what was said made sense to me.  Part of me wishes I had gone to past symposiums, but I’m not sure I would have gotten as much out of them.  Crashing at Dan’s place and going home to a non-vet-school environment and spending time with someone I haven’t seen in 8 years definitely provided a healthier environment I think, and that really enhanced the entire trip.  Needless to say, I am thrilled that I got to go this year (even if both my flights to and from did get cancelled due to weather).  It did make it a lot harder to go to school on Monday.  The lectures I attended reminded me of why I went into vet med, and school is not helping in that regard.  At least I only have 2.5 weeks left of classes before a break and 4th year, and then when I get out, I’m free to do what I want!  May 2010 cannot get here soon enough!

So I passed cardio, thankfully.  I can’t complain at all about my grade.  It was definitely well below what I’m used to, but I’m okay with that.  I’m just happy to have it behind me and to be able to move on with my life.  I just have a few more classes before I start clinics, which is a whole other intimidation in itself, but at least I’m that much closer.  I will be honest in saying that I do not have warm and fuzzy feelings for the IOR of the class.  After having nearly 25% of the class failing going into the last day of exams, he is still refusing to curve.  Not to mention that the procedures to look at our exams rivaled airport security (we weren’t allowed to bring in cell phones or any ‘writing material’).  I won’t be sad to put this place behind me, that’s for sure.  But with any luck, that won’t be much longer now.

This is probably the most intensive week I have so far.  If not the most intensive, definitely in the top 2.  We had one cardio exam today, with another two on Friday, one of which is a comprehensive final.  (Yes, three tests in the same class in one week.)  So alas, I will be studying all day again.

The vet school managed to finally get a decent report out to the media surrounding last week’s drama.  Apparently the dean could have made a comment earlier but was under the impression that he could not make a statement without first going through the university.  (Personally, I’m not convinced that the university didn’t tell him he couldn’t talk and then retracted it after it made them look bad, but it doesn’t matter–we finally have an “official” voice now.)  So with any luck, everyone can just move on with their lives now.

This weekend cannot come fast enough.  Wine bar, good friends, dinner with the family, and with any luck, a day of sweats, movies, and not worrying about school.  Now that’s the life!