So it’s been awhile, and I have a lot that I need to update on, but for right now, I’m just popping in to let everyone know about an awesome giveaway!  Pixie Campbell, the leader of SouLodge (the amazing, life-changing transformative experience) is leading a very special painting class.  Combining intuitive painting with shamanic journeywork, this course provides a way to allow the spiritual to be expressed through painting in a completely new way.  To learn more about the course, visit the first link listed below. To enter the giveaway, follow the second link to go to the blog post and follow the instructions!!! To learn more about the course. To enter the giveaway.


From the blog:

Visual Quest is for spiritual people who want to give form to what they feel inside and around them. It teaches you how to apply what you feel to the canvas.

It’s also for creative people desiring to connect to the Spirit that lies inside of them and outside, enabling work with meaningful symbols, and a deeper connection to the artwork.

It’s for artists wishing to freshen and deepen their practice, and for non-artists who would like to explore the mediums in a non-competitive and supportive environment.

It is for deep-thinkers and deep-feelers exploring their inner terrain and wanting to gain more clarity about the strongest archetypes within them, and the personal symbols which represent them.  -Pixie Campbell