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Wow, what an amazing past few days!  I posted a couple of pictures from my solstice celebration on Wednesday, although the photos only hint at what really happened.  No words can describe what transpired, or what I experienced, but I can say that it was one of the most spiritually empowered experiences I’ve ever had.  It felt so good to reconnect with God on such a deep level, to acknowledge all of His creation and the presence of His spirit in every thing on earth, to express gratitude for what I have and where my life is right now, to ask for guidance and the wisdom to recognize the messages He has for me regardless of where they come from, spending some time in deep meditation and feeling His energy moving through me.  All of that, and still there are no words for the experience.  Now I am trying to continue to draw that energy and flow with daily life.  I won’t lie — it isn’t easy, but it is necessary to keep myself grounded without being buried.

I will be leaving in a few days for a business trip to San Francisco.  I’m so excited to spend time in a city I’ve never visited, hanging out with a good friend that I don’t get to see very often, and to learn a few things as well (I will always be a nerd at heart).  After that I will be traveling to visit my grandmother in Indiana and spend time with that side of my family.  I only wish I had more than a week — it never feels like enough.  But it will be wonderful, and the short vacation will be a much-needed relief.

Debra continues to improve.  I will be going to visit today (hopefully) and it will be so wonderful to see her smiling face again.  To help raise money for her medical bills, I have created an art piece and am selling prints in my Etsy shop.  They are $30 each, and all of the profit will be going to help cover her expenses.  There will only be 20 of these prints and they are selling pretty quickly, so if you would like to order one, they are listed in my Etsy shop (link on the left — it’s Mouseprints Studio).

Finally, the summer SouLodge class starts soon, and registration will be closing in the next couple of days.  Believe me when I say that this is a truly life-changing experience.  You will leave the course with a new outlook on life, with more confidence and a better understanding of yourself.  I am thoroughly enjoying the current mini-session and cannot wait to start the summer class in July.  You can find a link to the website to the left of my blog.  Trust me — if you have any doubts, just go for it. You will be so happy you did.


TRANSFORM: a mixed-media piece inspired by Debra’s amazing strength and courage.


Some things cannot be described, only experienced.  God is powerful.  God is in all, around all.  There is not a living thing on the planet that does not contain His spirit.  His messages are all around to those who are open to listening.



Wow, what a crazy past couple of weeks!  So sorry to not have updated sooner, but life has been a whirlwind for a little bit.

First off:  I mentioned in my last post about a friend that was in need of prayer.  Here is the story on her.  On May 27th, Debra went into the hospital for an emergency c-section, during which a healthy but premature baby girl was delivered.  Debra, however, continued to bleed for 12 hours before finally being life-flighted to a hospital that could do the surgery necessary to save her life.  At one point, her heart stopped and her family was warned that she would likely be brain-damaged if she awoke.  They were also warned that she was not likely to survive the flight.  However, she overcame both of those odds, and for the next few days faced a multitude of challenges that ultimately resulted in the loss of her spleen and 90% of her intestines, something that required countless surgeries with slim survival odds.  Her entire body blood volume was replaced 12 times and her kidneys shut down.  Miraculously, she survived and is beginning to recover.  She is still on dialysis but she is eating solid foods and has been able to hold her baby.  She has also been moved out of ICU. She is an amazingly strong woman who has overcome some of the worst odds known, but the medical bills her family now faces are staggering.  As a result, I have created a piece of art inspired by her amazing fight.  Prints are available in my Etsy shop (linked on the left), and all of the profit from every print sold will be donated to her family to help offset the medical costs.

SouLodge is once again going strong.  I am currently halfway through the Summer Solstice mini-course and am preparing to celebrate the solstice tonight.  I am looking forward to spending some time meditating out in nature and sitting under the sun on the longest day of the year.  Nothing spectacular, but incredibly spiritual and I am so honored to have been brought to this tradition.  The summer class is right around the corner, so if you would like to learn more or sign up, follow the link on the left side of my page and check it out!  It is a life-changing experience, and you will not regret it.

I will do my best to update more regularly.  I head out to San Francisco next week for a veterinary conference, which is exciting in itself, but I get to spend time catching up with a dear friend.  After that I will be flying out to visit my grandmother in Indiana as well as attending another dear friend’s wedding.  So the whirlwind continues, but maybe next time I’ll have some pictures to share.