I have to admit, I’m not much of a summer girl. I tend to overheat very easily, and with the humidity in in Oklahoma, it’s not hard to do once the temperature gets close to triple digits. Still, I love the activities that take place during the summer; the fresh produce, swimming, camping, the summer holidays, all of the things that make summer, well, summer. It’s not that I don’t enjoy participating, but I could do with a bit cooler weather (and a lot less humidity).

So, despite the fact that thermometer is pushing 80 right now and it’s not even 11am, I’m still in a fantastic mood. Why? Because today was opening day at the Farmer’s Market. Granted, ours is small compared to others, but it’s always so much fun to go and see all the yummy produce, local honey, baked goods, and artisans that set up downtown. Ironically, most of what I wind up getting is food for my guinea pigs (who get spoiled every summer with fresh veggies), but they have lots of stuff for me too. There is one lady who bakes all sorts of European breads, and I can’t walk away without getting something from her. Plus, all the locally raised beef, eggs, and others that can stock my freezer for awhile. And of course, the local artists who have taken on a more prominent role this year. My dear friend was out there with her jewelry that she makes, there was a woodwork stand, fabric goods, and lots of bath stuff (soaps, salts, potpourri) which always makes me a little weak. Plus, the locally grown honey…….I’ll admit I have a bit of an addiction to honey, especially the local stuff (seriously, you try it once you will never buy honey from the store ever again). So I was very proud of myself for only walking out with one loaf of bread, some eggs, a cinnamon roll and coffee for breakfast, a necklace and earrings from my friend, and a tote full of fresh veggies to divide between my piggies and my dad’s bunny. (Although, I would have totally walked out with some soap if I hadn’t just bought some from the gal at the Earth Day festival.) All in all, a good morning, and I still made it to work in an hour.

Now if I can just get some camping in…