SouLodge: entering the final two weeks, this week is the last of the medicine wheel. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for this course, but there truly are no words for how incredible it is. If you are seeking to understand yourself better, connect with nature, explore the spiritual realm, or simply want a sanctuary away from the rigors of daily life, you need to look into this. The summer session is still a few months away, giving you plenty of time to decide. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who seeks a quiet spiritual place.

Abundant Wild Life started yesterday. This one promises to be more rigorous than any other class, with different prompts and exercises daily. Still, these don’t take a great deal of time, so it isn’t overwhelming by any means. The best part is that so far, the exercises have simply been about being centered and rooted, just exploring your heart and the world around you. Still too early for me to comment more, but so far it is promising to be an amazing adventure.

21 Secrets: FINALLY picked a workshop to start with. It’s been fun getting into the creative playground, getting messy, and not worrying about details or perfection. Sometimes it’s simply about the process, rather than the final product. I’m excited to continue in these workshops. For anyone interested in learning from lots of different people all in one place, this is for you. The cost is well worth it, and having so much time and the freedom to explore at your own pace is awesome.

With everything going on, my posts will likely be brief, but hopefully you can get some experience of what I am learning from all of this.

Until next time…