I’m halfway through the spring session of SouLodge, and I’ve already signed up for the summer class. It’s been truly amazing for me, the journaling prompts, the weekly check-in worksheets, all have helped me to unravel things that I hadn’t even thought about, layers of myself that I didn’t know were hidden. The projects have been so much fun as well, but the best part about them is that they have felt therapeutic. I don’t know if it’s simply the act of making something by hand or what, but I spent most of Sunday working on my medicine pouch, and after it was completed, I just felt so much lighter and happier.

As this class wraps up, I’ll be starting the next one, and from what I can tell, this one is more geared to the art itself, to trying new techniques and discovering what your personal style is. I’m excited for that one as well, mainly to try new mediums and discover new techniques (ok, really any techniques). The two seem to be perfectly ordered, from helping me better understand myself and open up my creative channels moving directly into methods of using that creativity.

21 Secrets has officially started, and I have thrown myself head first into…well, trying to decide which class to take first! It runs through the end of the year, and everything is arranged to fit into your schedule, so I’m not in any danger of losing anything immediately, but I still need to just pick somewhere and start something. I have a feeling that once I find a place to start, it will just take off and have a life of its own. I’m spending too much time wrapped up in where to start that, if I’m not careful, I’ll run out of time and still be trying to decide where to begin. Ah, the story of my life.

And now, a product of all my hard journeys: