I am now working through my second week of SouLodge, so forgive me for my absence. Posts will likely be a bit more spread out for awhile, for reasons which will be obvious later in this post.

I’m loving the work of SouLodge and can almost guarantee I will be in every class from this point forward. It has already brought a greater sense of self-awareness, but with that also comes the weight of what that awareness brings to light. I have frequently felt as if I have an intense wanderlust, a desire to get out in the world, go explore, do things, experience life to the fullest. At times, I am frustrated that circumstances and obligations have me “tied down,” preventing me from taking off at a moment’s notice. It wasn’t until this week that I realized this is exactly where I am supposed to be. I have felt frustrated, not because my heart is tethered, but because I have been fighting against what I am supposed to be experiencing. In other words, right now, I am being called to simply be still, to be present where I am, to recognize that everything has a time and right now is my time for rest, rejuvenation, healing, and becoming rooted to my soul. This was made even more painfully obvious after I wound up double-booking two days worth of activities and plans, after a whirlwind weekend road trip, after realizing that I haven’t taken time to simply sit back and breathe in the moment.

I am loving this work right now. I have so far done everything in the class, although it took me a bit to get started and caught up. I have been learning so many important things about myself, new things and reinforcements of old lessons. As much as I feel overwhelmed at times, this is something I will not give up. I may have to rework my schedule sometimes, but there is never an excuse to not take care of ourselves and do something that nourishes the soul.

I may be posting less frequently for a month or so, but I will try to keep up with tidbits if nothing else, just so things don’t get too boring over here. 🙂