My first physical therapy appointment was yesterday. I learned that my right hip and lower spine are out of alignment, which is a big reason why the pain has kept coming back so strong. The good news is that she was able to manipulate it back into place, but now I have 6 more weeks of physical therapy in order to correct that and everything else. I’m a little bit relieved to know that there’s more going on than just a muscle spasm, but at the same time, this moves my estimated recovery time from 8 weeks pain free to 12 weeks therapy, with no estimate of when the pain will go away. Not to mention she is pretty convinced I have a deep bruise where I have been feeling the pain the most. Needless to say, I’m rather sore today.

I’ve gotten all of my art supplies for one of my workshops. I’m really excited to be learning new techniques and mediums. As of now, I’m quite partial to oil pastels and bristol, but I haven’t tried much else. I really need to learn to slow down in my art. I am so impatient that it’s hard for me to take the time to focus on details. Then again, I’m okay if the little perfect details aren’t there, I’m just in a hurry to see the final product. I want to draw or paint things that look real, like landscapes or animals, but I can’t seem to slow down enough to emphasize the nuances, such as the details of the fur, feathers, or grass or sea. I’m definitely okay with taking a more abstract approach, I just have to slow down enough to work on that as well!