The start of Daylight Savings Time has to be my least favorite day of the year. I’m not a morning person, so asking me to get up before I’m ready to is already a challenge. Still, if the sun is up, I can manage a little easier. Now, I’m having to get up before the sun, and this is a struggle. The only time that I’m a morning person is when I’m camping, and then I’m pretty much just a no-sleep person in general. When I’m in a nice comfy bed, my alarm and I become mortal enemies bent on the destruction of the other and there is pretty much no amount of coffee that will kick my butt into gear. As much as I enjoy more sunlight in the evening, I loathe getting up in the dark even more.

On a related note, I’m loving the picture circulating Facebook of a Native American with the quote “Only the government would take a foot off the top of a blanket and add it to the bottom and think that they had a longer blanket.” EXACTLY.

My back is still giving me problems. I’m having more decent days where the pain is minimal, just in time to have it flare up so bad that standing becomes a painful impossibility. I seem to cycle between periods of time where a heating pad is sufficient to days where only Lortab can bring the pain down from Defcon 3. My doctor has told me that I still need to give it time, but she is going to send me to physical therapy sometime soon so I’ll be adding that to my list of treatment regimens. It’s frustrating to think that I could be dealing with this through the first part of April even if it’s just a muscle tweak, even more so that this is all a result of something that I had no say in.

I’m hoping I don’t get way in over my head here, but I’ve signed up for yet another art class. This is an online workshop through Squam. For those who haven’t heard about it, Squam is a series of art retreats held biannually in New England. I have been trying to get out there for two years but it’s not cheap, and with travel expenses, it just hasn’t been possible. But now they have offered their first online workshop and I am so excited to be a part of this. So now I’m signed up for two art classes, one that runs 4 weeks and the other that will carry through the end of the year. The is so much more cool stuff out there than I realized and I feel I am just beginning to touch the surface of what is available. I am so excited to see what else is out there.

Updated: just added a third workshop. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I’m excited. I feel especially drawn to these, a tiny inner voice saying, “You need to sign up.” So I did. There’s a reason for all of these, and even though they overlap, somehow it just feels right.

Links to my workshops:
21 Secrets Art Journal Workshop
Abundant Wild Life Workshop