I finally got my new car title. Thankfully it was a lot less expensive than I was expecting. I sent of the title to my old car in almost two weeks ago, and I cried at every step, from signing the title over to mailing it at the post office. Every step felt heavier and harder to take, but lighter after moving forward. It was a bittersweet feeling, putting the new license plate on, finally solidifying this next stage of my life, but that’s what life is — a series of steps and stages, and we can either take those steps and move forward or we can stand still and watch life pass us by.

I had my second acupuncture appointment yesterday. Learned a lot at myself and about life in general. First of all, I nearly passed out again, this time 5 minutes into it. According to her, this is because my chi is moving too fast when opened up, which makes sense given my tendency to hang onto things, not let go like I need to. We don’t always think that we are affecting ourselves this much, maybe just adding a bit more stress by holding onto something that bothered us, but it’s pretty incredible the physical effects it has on our bodies. This might seem like common sense, but we don’t always recognize when we are holding onto something, and I don’t think many realize just how powerful that is. Anyway, she added a couple of different therapies. The first was infrared, which I’m not entirely sure what that is supposed to do other than accelerate healing. Then she added light therapy. The basic appearance of this looks ridiculous. To an outsider, it looks like someone shining a mini mag light through a long sci-fi style crystal dagger. It’s much more complicated, and I can’t even describe it well enough to fully allow others to appreciate its complexity. The light itself is special, and it is shined through a prism with a color associated to the pertinent chakra. The prism barely touches skin, and when it does the narrow point end is still rounded enough that it doesn’t feel sharp at all. The only thing I can say is that if you have never had this done, go try it. She used this on my back and everywhere I was having problems it felt like multiple tiny sharp pins running along my spine. Then, came the most dramatic response — I literally felt my back open. My doctor had told me I was showing signs of degeneration, specifically narrowing of disk space. I’m convinced that those areas opened up yesterday. I literally felt as if someone had gently stretched my spine and, like a bendy straw, opened up the compressed areas. She also used it on my third eye (look up chakras if you are lost), and I barely felt anything (another sign of my stubbornness and hard-headed-ness). She moved it to my throat chakra and it was better than any muscle relaxer. It sounds crazy that shining a light through a prism cold have such a profound effect, but it was truly incredible.

I’m about a third of the way through the 30 Days of Lists project. I had grand illusions of making this awesome art journal, but in the end, I’m using a Field Notes book and various pens. At least I was able to customize the notebook — it was a limited edition Dry Transfer set — but beyond that it’s pretty plain. Still, there’s no wrong way to do the project, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. You can still sign up if interested, and I highly recommend it.