Wow, what a busy past few days! I haven’t gotten a chance to update with all the fun things I did this weekend, so apologies for that. I’m fighting a cold on top of everything else so I’ve spent most of my free time lying on the couch.

Friday evening: NatureWorks
This is one of my favorite events of the year. Every year, Tulsa has a huge art show and sale to benefit nature projects around the city. Artists from all over the country (and Canada) come and show off their work, all devoted to nature and animals. There were close to 60 artists this year, ranging from painters to sculptors to everything in between. The open show is Saturday and Sunday, but Friday night they have an invite-only preview, typically for buyers and patrons. This year, I was able to take a few friends and it was a blast. I got to see some new artists as well as a few old favorites, and one of the sculptors I had the privilege of meeting at a prior event and it was good to talk to him again (I was surprised that he remembered me). We all went out to dinner after that at a Japanese steakhouse, and I got to eat sushi for the first time in a long time. Delicious!

Saturday: OKC museums
Saturday, my husband had a field trip for one of his classes, and I was allowed to tag along. The trip was to the Museum of Osteology in OKC, a museum dedicated solely to bones and skeletons. If you blink, you will miss it — it’s a tiny two story building — but the collection they have is impressive. They’ve got fully articulated skeletons for over 300 animals, including a humpback whale that hangs from the ceiling. They also are responsible for processing skeletons for many other museums and zoos all over the country. Definitely worth checking out. After that, we went to the OU campus to check out the Museum of Natural History. Holy cow, that was impressive! They have an exhibit documenting the Earth’s history from creation through the dinosaurs and after, and the way they have it set up is so cool! You start at the beginning and walk through a series of rooms documenting each stage of history. The only confusing part was that you don’t just walk up one side and down the other — you have to check out everything on both walls before moving forward or you will miss something. And some of the rooms have stuff in the middle or off to the side, so you’ve got to be paying attention, but still the set up is amazing. They have a couple of fully articulated dinosaur skeletons, huge ones at that. Once you get through the ancient history, they have an exhibit discussing how museums collect and preserve specimens, an exhibit showing the differ ecosystems in Oklahoma, and another documenting the different ancient people who lived in this region. The only room I was disappointed with was the one entitled “World Treasures” or something along those lines. It had a lot less than what I would have expected. Still, it was an awesome day, and the entire trip cost less than $30 for two people (excluding travel and food). So if you are ever in OKC and want something to do other than Bricktown, look these places up. You won’t be sorry.

In other news, I finally got the settlement for my car, and while it wasn’t much given the age of it, I got more than I was expecting, which was a blessing. I go back for round two of acupuncture tomorrow, and it has done wonders. I had an incredibly painful night Thursday after a big dog twisted my back, so much so that I almost couldn’t stand up, but by Friday the pain was minimal. Hopefully after a couple more treatments I will finally be over this.