I have been finding lots of fun creative projects on the Internet lately, so many it’s hard to choose which to get involved with! I wanted to introduce everyone to one that I am extremely excited about and want to invite everyone to join!

I stumbled across the 30 Days of Lists website last year, directed there by an artist I follow. It looked like a fun idea, but by the time I found the website the challenge was over. I unfortunately forgot about it and when I remembered to go back to check for another challenge, the second one was almost over. Finally I got smart and signed up for notification and was able to join for the third round. The basic idea is this: we all lead busy lives and many times, we get so caught up in work, family, community, and other obligations that we don’t take time to think about the little things we enjoy. Keeping a journal is one way to record life’s moments, but even that can seem like a daunting task. The creators of the 30 Days of Lists challenge recognized this and came up with a simple, quick way to keep track of life’s moments. Every day for 30 days, they present a new prompt and participants make a list relating to the prompt. This can be done as simple or as elaborately as you want. Some people make incredible art journals, others use sticky notes or phone apps. You can devote 2 minutes or 2 hours, whatever you like! Then, if you like, you can post your list and share it with the other participants. I am really looking forward to this, and I hope you will join me!

If you decide to sign up, leave a comment and tell me your user name so I can be sure to find you on the forums!

<a href="http://Click here to join 30 Days of Lists“>30 Days of Lists