Ever since starting yoga, I can definitely tell my physical balance has improved.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  My mental balance is better.  I feel like I have a better outlook on everything, better able to handle diversions and obstacles, basically anything life throws at me.  I can always tell when I miss a day or two, because the day after a class I can feel my breathing is more regulated, I sit taller, I breathe deeper, and my mind feels more clear.  It’s truly been an incredible experience and I am so glad that I have such a wonderful place to take classes.

I didn’t actually come up with the title of this post to talk about yoga though, and despite my delinquency in typing it up, this has been floating around in the back of my mind for awhile.  Where I work, it truly is a matter of balance.  I feel that my boss and I can balance each other well, from diagnostic techniques and skills to how we manage different situations and clients.  I’ve always said my husband is a good balance for me because I have very little tolerance/patience for bulls***, whereas he can be much more capable of dealing with things.  He’s usually holding me back when I’m ready to tear someone apart.  (The flip side is that when he’s not willing to fight for something worthwhile, I step in and things get done.)  That being said, at work we have a *few* clients that are only here because I’m not in charge.  My boss can handle the difficult clients with much more grace than I would ever be able to.  The key is though I’m usually fine if someone’s attacking me.  I can handle those sorts of things.  When someone starts yelling at one of my techs, that’s when mama bear mode flips on and I’m only prevented from throwing someone out of the office by the fact that I don’t own it.

Even in my business life I can feel a sense of balance.  My jewelry business provides a fantastic balance to the craziness of the medical profession.  At my shows, there is no right/wrong, no one’s life depends on my jewelry choice, and even people who just come to eat snacks and hang out with friends feel the benefits.  Medicine is full of extremes, and having a constant is always nice.  With Premier, it’s not about the income, it’s about the women I get to meet and the fun we get to have.  I never have a bad day when I have a show, and despite my signing up to have a little “fun money,” I can’t see myself ever leaving.  And while the highs of saving someone’s pet or providing them an answer and a treatment for even the most benign of ailments are wonderful feelings, there will always be a need for a lift during the low times.

Life is full of balances.  Have you found yours?