Whew!  After several weeks of routine sameness, finally get some excitement in my days.  This weekend has been busy, and I am ready for a nice break, but lots of interesting things.

I had two jewelry parties last week, and those are always high points for me.  I get to have lots of fun and meet all sorts of new people.  Both parties were a complete blast, and I am now nearly to my monthly goal to be recognized in the Queen’s Court.  So exciting to be taking my business to this level!

Lots of interesting cases as well, especially celebrating the 1-year anniversary of graduating from vet school.  Diagnosed my first case of cytauxzoon in a cat, which unfortunately carries a poor prognosis, but it was definitely an important refresher for cases I will see in the future.  Then, celebrating Mother’s Day with a 5am emergency c-section on a 50 pound dog (proving that going into exclusively small animal practice will not prevent those late night baby pullings).  The good news is that we only lost one pup that had died earlier, the others were alive and healthy so as long as the dog doesn’t develop an infection, it was a whopping success.  The downside was the whole 5am thing, meaning that I spent most of Mother’s Day asleep.  I got to cook a nice dinner for my mom, but that was really about it, and by “cooking” I mean “warming up the ham,” lol!

So after a busy exhausting weekend, today has been absolutely amazing.  I booked yet another jewelry party and I am SO excited to get to hang out with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile.  Plus, my boss offered me a day off to let me recoup from the weekend.  Hubby surprised me for lunch and I found out that I have hit the 30lb mark for my weight loss since January!  Top that off with stocking up on the new BBW fragrance (including a CUTE tote bag I didn’t even know they had) and yoga tonight…..seriously a wonderful day.

Loving life.  🙂