So I’ve totally been slacking at the updates.  Sorry about that, but I figure I can only say, “Today was a busy day of vaccinations” so many times before people would quit reading.

Lots of history has been happening the past week, and despite my history minor from college, I just can’t get too excited.  I refused to get up early for the live coverage of the royal wedding because, honestly, I have to work and that’s what YouTube is for.  It was cool watching the carriage processional to Buckingham Palace and recognizing places I’ve been, and of course, the girl in me wanted to see the dress, but that was about it.  Then there was the long-awaited death of Bin Laden, which I might care more about if I thought it actually meant anything.  Fighting a “war” against a nameless, faceless enemy is not going to automatically end because a figurehead is gone.  The only solace is hoping that maybe the families of 9/11 victims might be a little more at peace now.

Enough of that.  May is looking to be a fantastic month for my jewelry business, and I am absolutely THRILLED to be having shows for such amazing ladies!  Looking forward to giving away tons of free jewelry to my wonderful amazing hostesses.  This is definitely the month to find jewelry collections “fit for a queen” and it’s so easy to get everything on your wish list for the cost of tax and shipping only!!  Anyone living in the Tulsa area who would like to get in on this wonderful deal, leave me a comment and I’ll let you know what my available dates are!

There is my one and only nod to history.  Back to present day and off to lunch.