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Ever since starting yoga, I can definitely tell my physical balance has improved.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  My mental balance is better.  I feel like I have a better outlook on everything, better able to handle diversions and obstacles, basically anything life throws at me.  I can always tell when I miss a day or two, because the day after a class I can feel my breathing is more regulated, I sit taller, I breathe deeper, and my mind feels more clear.  It’s truly been an incredible experience and I am so glad that I have such a wonderful place to take classes.

I didn’t actually come up with the title of this post to talk about yoga though, and despite my delinquency in typing it up, this has been floating around in the back of my mind for awhile.  Where I work, it truly is a matter of balance.  I feel that my boss and I can balance each other well, from diagnostic techniques and skills to how we manage different situations and clients.  I’ve always said my husband is a good balance for me because I have very little tolerance/patience for bulls***, whereas he can be much more capable of dealing with things.  He’s usually holding me back when I’m ready to tear someone apart.  (The flip side is that when he’s not willing to fight for something worthwhile, I step in and things get done.)  That being said, at work we have a *few* clients that are only here because I’m not in charge.  My boss can handle the difficult clients with much more grace than I would ever be able to.  The key is though I’m usually fine if someone’s attacking me.  I can handle those sorts of things.  When someone starts yelling at one of my techs, that’s when mama bear mode flips on and I’m only prevented from throwing someone out of the office by the fact that I don’t own it.

Even in my business life I can feel a sense of balance.  My jewelry business provides a fantastic balance to the craziness of the medical profession.  At my shows, there is no right/wrong, no one’s life depends on my jewelry choice, and even people who just come to eat snacks and hang out with friends feel the benefits.  Medicine is full of extremes, and having a constant is always nice.  With Premier, it’s not about the income, it’s about the women I get to meet and the fun we get to have.  I never have a bad day when I have a show, and despite my signing up to have a little “fun money,” I can’t see myself ever leaving.  And while the highs of saving someone’s pet or providing them an answer and a treatment for even the most benign of ailments are wonderful feelings, there will always be a need for a lift during the low times.

Life is full of balances.  Have you found yours?

Whew!  After several weeks of routine sameness, finally get some excitement in my days.  This weekend has been busy, and I am ready for a nice break, but lots of interesting things.

I had two jewelry parties last week, and those are always high points for me.  I get to have lots of fun and meet all sorts of new people.  Both parties were a complete blast, and I am now nearly to my monthly goal to be recognized in the Queen’s Court.  So exciting to be taking my business to this level!

Lots of interesting cases as well, especially celebrating the 1-year anniversary of graduating from vet school.  Diagnosed my first case of cytauxzoon in a cat, which unfortunately carries a poor prognosis, but it was definitely an important refresher for cases I will see in the future.  Then, celebrating Mother’s Day with a 5am emergency c-section on a 50 pound dog (proving that going into exclusively small animal practice will not prevent those late night baby pullings).  The good news is that we only lost one pup that had died earlier, the others were alive and healthy so as long as the dog doesn’t develop an infection, it was a whopping success.  The downside was the whole 5am thing, meaning that I spent most of Mother’s Day asleep.  I got to cook a nice dinner for my mom, but that was really about it, and by “cooking” I mean “warming up the ham,” lol!

So after a busy exhausting weekend, today has been absolutely amazing.  I booked yet another jewelry party and I am SO excited to get to hang out with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile.  Plus, my boss offered me a day off to let me recoup from the weekend.  Hubby surprised me for lunch and I found out that I have hit the 30lb mark for my weight loss since January!  Top that off with stocking up on the new BBW fragrance (including a CUTE tote bag I didn’t even know they had) and yoga tonight…..seriously a wonderful day.

Loving life.  🙂

It’s hard to believe that nearly a whole year has passed since I graduated from vet school and ventured out into the world.  So much has changed; I went from being a scared new doctor to having some level of confidence.  I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine I would.  At times it seems like school was a lifetime ago, while others it seems like I just stepped out yesterday.  Some memories are still strong, others have begun to fade.  I have come up with many things that I wish people would have told me that I thought I would share in case any new graduate stumbled upon this page and needed some advice.

*Internships aren’t everything.  Finding a good mentor/supervisor is everything.

*Vet school sets up unrealistic expectations.  You want to test your diagnostic superpowers?  Try doing it with $100 to cover the appointment, meds, and any tests you might be able to run afterward.

*There are other ways of doing things, and not all of them are bad/evil/wrong/malpractice.  If the two doctors teaching you surgery can’t agree on the proper way to ligate an ovarian pedicle, then chances are neither will your future employer.

*Specialists are all fine and dandy until it’s 3am and that surgery can’t wait until next Tuesday.

*The “common” diseases you hear about in school really aren’t that common.  Likewise, the ones they breezed over will be the ones you see in your first week.

*The name of the blood vessel you just cut through isn’t as important as knowing what to do next.  Look it up later if you care that much.  It’ll probably change names in a couple of years anyway.

*This video will happen on a regular basis.

*You can work there for a year and still send clients into a panic when you walk into the room instead of their regular vet.  You will get asked what happened to the other vet.  And you will have clients refuse to see you for no other reason than you aren’t Dr. So-and-So.  The world will not end.  Smile and move on.

*Free advice is expected of veterinarians.  Frequently after hours.  Sometimes multiple calls in one night.

*People in the medical field can sometimes be a pain.  Sometimes they genuinely think they know more than you.  Others just want to be respected for actually knowing more than the average joe.  Treat all these people like the latter.  That way if they ignore your instructions, it’s not because you were a jerk.

*Not all breeders run puppy mills.  And no matter what, breeders are clients and real people with real animals who need real help.  Do not treat them as anything else because of your own personal beliefs.  Same with pet shops.  Unless they are making medical decisions and dispensing stockpiled meds to someone else’s pets, let it go.

*On that same note, you CAN learn things from people outside of the profession.

*No matter how much you think you know when you graduate, you will still get stumped on your first case of ringworm.

I could probably think of many more, but those are the first to come to mind.  Anyway, just some random thoughts as I approach the one-year anniversary of being expected to know everything that was taught.  Keep learning.

So I’ve totally been slacking at the updates.  Sorry about that, but I figure I can only say, “Today was a busy day of vaccinations” so many times before people would quit reading.

Lots of history has been happening the past week, and despite my history minor from college, I just can’t get too excited.  I refused to get up early for the live coverage of the royal wedding because, honestly, I have to work and that’s what YouTube is for.  It was cool watching the carriage processional to Buckingham Palace and recognizing places I’ve been, and of course, the girl in me wanted to see the dress, but that was about it.  Then there was the long-awaited death of Bin Laden, which I might care more about if I thought it actually meant anything.  Fighting a “war” against a nameless, faceless enemy is not going to automatically end because a figurehead is gone.  The only solace is hoping that maybe the families of 9/11 victims might be a little more at peace now.

Enough of that.  May is looking to be a fantastic month for my jewelry business, and I am absolutely THRILLED to be having shows for such amazing ladies!  Looking forward to giving away tons of free jewelry to my wonderful amazing hostesses.  This is definitely the month to find jewelry collections “fit for a queen” and it’s so easy to get everything on your wish list for the cost of tax and shipping only!!  Anyone living in the Tulsa area who would like to get in on this wonderful deal, leave me a comment and I’ll let you know what my available dates are!

There is my one and only nod to history.  Back to present day and off to lunch.