I have always loved making art.  I’m not the world’s best by any means, but I love drawing and painting various things, whether from pictures or just whatever my imagination creates.  I really enjoy drawing with oil pastels for a variety of reasons.  For one, they can be very forgiving of mistakes, but what I really love is the ease of which I can create different textures.  A simple drawn line gives a crisp, refined finish, while blending and smudging produces almost a dreamy impressionistic feel.  Most of my pictures are smudged, simply because it makes everything more uniform, and on certain backgrounds it prevents the piece from looking like a bad color-by-numbers.  However, it’s always fun to experiment.

I’ve created both a Facebook page and an Etsy shop.  I’ve created lots of drawings within the past couple of weeks.  Obviously, I can’t keep them all, but I don’t want to stop drawing.  I want to continue to perfect my work.  Eventually (hopefully in the near future), I want to add painting to my collections.  I have worked with acrylics before and love them, but I want to experiment with oils as well.  Just thinking about starting back into art makes me happy, and even though I’m far from professional (and my artwork reflects it), hopefully someone out there will enjoy it enough to add it to their home.  🙂

My shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/blackhawkh109.  Feel free to visit anytime.  🙂  And keep checking back.  I will add new items as I finish them.  As for Facebook, my page is called AJ’s Artwork.