I took the day off from work yesterday.  We were supposed to go to a friend’s wedding this weekend, but unfortunately, things worked out to prevent us from making the trip.  All things considered, it was nice to have an extra morning to sleep in and enjoy a little extra time to myself.  I did manage to accomplish a few small things this weekend, such as getting my old external hard drive to cooperate so I could get some pictures uploaded to my computer.  The only downside was choosing a weekend to take a break when the weather is less than desirable.  I would have preferred to have a full free weekend when the weather is nice enough to open the windows up, but again, living in Oklahoma has taught me to trust the weatherman only when the forecast describes what is occurring at the present moment.  So despite having an extra 4 hours of sleep, I still feel exhausted, and I attribute that to the fact that I am stuck inside on a gloomy, cold, wet day with nothing on tv and a hubby with a research paper to write.  The upside is that today is the perfect day to try to finish my current knitting project, assuming I don’t fall asleep first!

Looking forward to getting spring back.  🙂