Still sad over the loss of my little bunny, but in truth, I am thankful that she passed in peace.  She was well-loved, had a fantastic life, and died quietly after surgery, not even fully awake from anesthesia.  I am grateful that she was spared the pain of dealing with more health problems in the future, and while she will be missed here, I know she is in a better place.

Going to an art show tonight, which I am very excited about.  The NatureWorks art show in Tulsa is put on once a year to benefit environmental programs, so I am always excited to go and support in any way I can.  I love living near a city that has things like this.  For as much flak as Oklahoma gets for being a red state, it’s not all negative.  I’m going to enjoy seeing lots of nature-themed art and hanging out with friends and family.

Hubby has an interview tomorrow, so send prayers and good vibes his way.

Chocolate and coffee and cool weather make for a fantastic day.  Wish I could spend days like this with the window open and a book or my knitting projects and just enjoying the peace.  However, it’s always hard to turn down puppy kisses!

Update:  speaking of puppy kisses, I just got one from the (historically) meanest dog we see.  Makes everything worthwhile. 🙂