I wish I had a more uplifting subject to talk about today, but sad news:  my sweet little bunny passed away yesterday.

I managed to make it down to Stillwater in time to watch her surgery.  She had multiple suspicious masses along her belly that were initially diagnosed as potential cancer.  Since the biopsies came back negative, we decided to get her spayed to minimize the chance of cancer occurring as well as take care of the abnormal mammary tissue.  Since the mammary masses did not come back positive for cancer, the next most likely diagnosis was that this was hormone related, so spay seemed to be the best option.

During her surgery, her uterus had some abnormalities, including two masses in one of the horns.  The most concerning find was the presence of multiple blood clots throughout.  Most of the mammary masses were removed with no event and were found to contain mostly pus.

Despite a lengthy surgery, she was stable the entire time and was waking up very well.  However, 3 hours after surgery (and 5 minutes after her last check), she stopped breathing and we were unable to revive her.  My dad was devastated, since he was very attached to her.   Understandable, since this same bunny survived a previous surgery to remove a large softball-sized mass from her abdomen and recovered uneventfully.  She had a miraculous and charmed life and will be deeply missed.

I returned to work today, grateful for the distraction and being able to focus on my patients.  I have to admit, I could not bring myself to perform the spays we had scheduled.  Some things will still take time.  But life moves on, caring not who is left behind.  The only thing we can do is move with it and carry the love of those who have passed on in our hearts, knowing that the are watching over us, waiting for the day we can be reunited once again.