Well, true to form, Saturday was a mad house.  Thankfully both vets were in the office, so things went smoothly, but not sitting down all day can be exhausting!  It was definitely a good day though.

Hubby had a bachelor party to attend this weekend, so he was gone all day Saturday and half of Sunday.  I went shopping with my parents in Tulsa and continued indulging my tea addiction.  Sunday I hung out in the house in my pj’s with the window open, enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather.  It was nice to have a day where I literally did nothing but lie around watching a House marathon.

Besides, it’s hard to do much else with BOTH of my functional credit cards had the numbers stolen within a day of each other.

So now it’s Monday, and it’s a fairly slow day.  I’m enjoying my nice cup of JavaVana Mate from Teavana, a tea with the caffeine content of coffee without the side effect of tearing my stomach up.  And this one has a nice light coffee flavor to go with it, so it’s a double bonus.  I might be travelling to watch my rabbit get spayed tomorrow, assuming administration doesn’t have issues with that.  That will be a really early morning for me (ugh), so here’s hoping that it will be a nice spring-y morning so that I’m more motivated to get out of bed at 5am, lol!

And now, for lack of anything enlightening to say, here is some gratuitous cuteness.