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Well, true to form, Saturday was a mad house.  Thankfully both vets were in the office, so things went smoothly, but not sitting down all day can be exhausting!  It was definitely a good day though.

Hubby had a bachelor party to attend this weekend, so he was gone all day Saturday and half of Sunday.  I went shopping with my parents in Tulsa and continued indulging my tea addiction.  Sunday I hung out in the house in my pj’s with the window open, enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather.  It was nice to have a day where I literally did nothing but lie around watching a House marathon.

Besides, it’s hard to do much else with BOTH of my functional credit cards had the numbers stolen within a day of each other.

So now it’s Monday, and it’s a fairly slow day.  I’m enjoying my nice cup of JavaVana Mate from Teavana, a tea with the caffeine content of coffee without the side effect of tearing my stomach up.  And this one has a nice light coffee flavor to go with it, so it’s a double bonus.  I might be travelling to watch my rabbit get spayed tomorrow, assuming administration doesn’t have issues with that.  That will be a really early morning for me (ugh), so here’s hoping that it will be a nice spring-y morning so that I’m more motivated to get out of bed at 5am, lol!

And now, for lack of anything enlightening to say, here is some gratuitous cuteness.


Up until recently, I have looked forward to Fridays.  Friday signaled the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend.  Nothing to do for two whole days except lie around, read a book, watch some tv, and enjoy some good quality relaxation time before Monday came around.  Nothing relaxing about Fridays anymore!

Fridays are our busiest days.  The phone and doorbell are constantly ringing.  The animals tend to be cases that require more intensive diagnostics or ones that are sick.  I never take a relatively-empty schedule for granted, because it could fill up in an instant (and frequently does).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all.  It gives me something to do, and I’d much rather see an animal on Friday afternoon than Saturday at 2am.  The only downside is that, by Friday, I’m exhausted from the week and Fridays are almost a running sprint to the weekend.

Today is no exception.  Since getting back from lunch I have had only a small number of 5-minute breaks to sit and collect my thoughts.  I have not even been able to sit down and write this without having something else to do.  The phone rings as soon as it is hung up, and if we had more than two lines, we wouldn’t have enough people to answer the calls.  It isn’t uncommon for someone to have to hold a dog and talk to a client on the phone at the same time, nor it is uncommon for me to try to hold the dog and clip nails/vaccinate/examine/etc. at the same time because everyone else is attending to others.  It can get crazy sometimes, and it’s good to be able to multitask.

Saturdays are always fun too, since we are only open until noon.  The phone starts ringing about 10am after people start to get up and a seemingly peaceful Saturday suddenly turns into a marathon.  If I am the only vet here, I consider it a miracle to get out on time.  And when only two of us are working, it’s downright insane, because it’s impossible to be in three rooms, answer the phone, and talk to the client up front all at the same time.  I would love to be able to split myself into multiples, but alas, science has not yet advanced that far.

I love my job.  My clients are great, and the pets are even greater.  Even the cranky ones find a way to warm my heart.  (Seriously, the angry cat who is snorting between hisses has a somewhat endearing quality, even if she can bite through leather gloves.  Yes I’m crazy.)  I don’t write this to complain or gripe or criticize anyone.  This is simply the way things are around here.  I’m sure many others are in the same situation and can relate.  I am grateful to have a wonderful place to work, the clients are (almost) always patient and understanding, and running into each other racing between rooms can lighten the mood — especially if it’s literally “running into each other” — bonus points if someone is holding a particularly foul-smelling sample.  It’s fun, we have a good time.  But I won’t lie — it’s nice to go home to get to sit down for a few minutes.  🙂

Since it’s been nearly a year since my last post, I’m taking this opportunity to start over.  Anyone who has had any contact with me the last few years (direct or otherwise) knows what a dark time it was for me.  Sure, it had several shining moments, but at the end of the day, I would go to bed exhausted and with little strength to face the next day.  So my apologies for my negativity.  No more of that.

After 27 long years, I can finally say I have moved into the adult world.  It is certainly an adjustment, and while there may be days I long for the simple life of childhood, this is where I’m meant to be.  I’m finally where I wanted to be many moons ago, and while it is certainly not the ideal I built up in my 10-year-old head, I can honestly say I love what I do.

My biggest challenge has been curbing my judgment.  Not something I’m proud of, but being aware makes it easier.  Whenever something frustrates me, I try to put myself into the client’s shoes and see things from their point of view.  Sometimes I can’t, in which case it’s a matter of accepting and moving on, focusing on what I have to do and what I have to work with to help the animal.  The times I can understand, it makes things more bearable.  The few things I can’t accept I work around or simply ask to be removed from the case.  Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to be a better person.

On the side, I also have my jewelry business through Premier Designs.  I would love to say that I make and design all the jewelry that I sell, but alas, ’tis not my lot in life.  Instead, I get to leave that to the experts and focus on reaching out and serving others.  Working for a company that truly believes in service over sales and putting people first is truly a blessing.  Not only does it help bring in a little additional income to help cover bills, it allows me to love on people.  Plus, I get to have fun and play in jewelry, which seriously, what girl wouldn’t love that?

It’s way too easy to look back on the last four years of vet school and be sad, angry, or frustrated with events that occurred, but in the end, what purpose does that serve?  I have to choose to be positive and smile at all the good things that happen.  I have a wonderful family who loves and supports me, an amazing husband who listened to me gripe on end, two little mouse angels watching over me, and two guinea pigs and three rats who make me smile every day with their antics and love.  I have fabulous friends who, despite being spread across the globe, are still close to my heart and not a day goes by when I don’t think about them and smile.

The future is bright, but ultimately it is the now where life is lived.  Every moment is a blessing, and perhaps by staying on top of posting here, I hope to continue on the path of love.