Hello world!  I am back from the most wonderful 3 weeks of vet school.  My preceptor in Ohio was fantastic.  I learned so much while I was there.  Best of all, it was the most positive uplifting environment to date.  So understand my disappointment for having to return to school and the toxic atmosphere that seems to loom overhead.  I need everyone’s help for the next 4 weeks.  4 weeks is all I have left before graduating and being a vet, responsible for the knowledge and care necessary to save the lives of people’s pets.  So here is my positivity challenge.  I think this will be beneficial to everyone involved.  I challenge everyone to come by once a day for the next month and post a positive comment here.  I’m not necessarily looking for encouragement or “you can do it!” comments.  Something as simple as “it’s a beautiful day out” is perfect.  Just something to keep the focus on the positive things in everyday life.  So let’s get started!  Think positive!