Perhaps it’s because I grew up with horses.  It could be due to my new-found love of working with cattle.  Or it could just be I’ve stumbled across the Pioneer Woman’s blog.  Whatever it is, there is something deeply romantic and appealing of the country life.

Yesterday, some random stranger waved to me as we passed each other on the road.  The road, running between the airport and an open field that occasionally has some random cows.  On my way to school, I pass the dairy farm and the horse pastures.  And I never get tired of it.

Sure, I love visiting the city.  I’m still a girl, and I still need my shopping fixes.  And I’ll never get tired of wearing my red heels.  I love symphonies and opera and coffee shops and bookstores and I can’t imagine a life where these aren’t at least a part of the fun things I can do.  But when I daydream to escape the craziness and frustrations of the day, I always find myself sitting in a field of tall grass that goes on forever, under a blue sky watching the clouds move across the expanse.  I can hear the horses nearby and smell the open clean fresh air, free from car exhaust and pollution.  And when I have to return to reality, the image still lingers in my mind, reminding me of life’s simple pleasures.

And let’s not forget my love of Alaska.  The beauty of an unspoiled wilderness nestled at the base of the mountains, where moose wander and wolves howl in the night, the crispness of the air, the aurora borealis.  I could live there too, and everytime I remember my too-short trips to the last frontier, my heart aches to return.

Nature is so beautiful.  There are so many who can’t appreciate it, who are so used to a fast-paced life that they can’t enjoy the beauty that exists before the stores and fast-food chains overrun the land like a plague.  Too many who have to be “doing something” to just sit and take in the world around them.  Don’t misread me — I definitely appreciate the malls and take-out that urban life provides.  I just pray that I never lose sight of the natural elegance of the simple life.