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I took my licensing boards yesterday.  It is such a relief to have those over with.  I didn’t realize just how stressed I was yesterday until I was home, sat down, and felt the tension leave my shoulders.  (Some of that could have been from leaning toward a computer screen for nearly 6 hours too.)  Now I just have to focus on getting through each rotation at a time.  I won’t get my scores for another month or two, but I felt better about it than I did last week.  Hopefully that’s a good sign.  🙂

Now I can focus on the holidays!!!!  2 birthdays and Christmas!!!  YAY!!!!


NAVLE in 3 days! Definitely feel like I haven’t studied enough. Probably because it’s the biggest test of my life. AAAHHHH!!! I cannot wait for Monday to be over.

More of a random post, but a list of various events:

New Moon:  I was lucky enough to see this movie with two awesome friends the day after it was released.  Theatre was packed, and they even opened up a second theatre for the showing!  It was a lot of fun being there with all the other Twilight fans.  And the director did an infinitely better job on this one than the first movie.  I felt like it followed the book much better, and there was no wasting 10 minutes of lying in a field staring at each other.  Very awesome.  (And for the record:  I was Team Jacob before he was hot.  Just sayin’.)

In other news, Madeline Pickens is once influencing policies at the OSU vet school.  Someone really needs to tell that woman that having money doesn’t make you intelligent.  I just don’t understand why one person can have more influence than a multitude of highly trained (emphasis on the TRAINED) professionals who deal with public health and animal welfare issues.  (Well, I understand it, but it’s embarrassing.)  Heaven forbid controversial issues be driven more by facts and investigation than opinionated millionaires.  I wonder how PETA feels about Madeline Pickens’ race horses.  (Or more importantly, how they would feel if she wasn’t rich.)

Lastly:  prayers for my dear friend Stacy who recently experienced an unspeakable tragedy.  She is a beautiful, intelligent, strong woman who should not have been made to face such saddness.  Sending prayers and love her way.

Until next time…