Oh wow, I missed an entire rotation of updating. Oops. Sorry everyone. My last rotation kept me busy, but mainly I’ve been studying for my national boards licensing exam. Next Monday will determine whether or not I can practice medicine. It’s a little scary to think about how quickly this snuck up on me. It seems like yesterday I had plenty of time to study and prepare and now I have a week. Eeep!

My studying has consisted mostly of taking practice quizzes and reading notes on an online review site. I’m hoping this will be enough. If my scores are an indicator of anything, I should pass. Of course, there is no guarantee on anything. Hence why I’m starting to feel the pressure. I feel like I have a lot still to get through and now I’m almost out of time. So it’s a little scary. We shall see how things go.

The worst part? I won’t know if I passed for about 2 months.