I start my next rotation tomorrow.  I managed to do very well on my anesthesia exam, so I’m hoping for a decent grade.  I start Community Practice tomorrow which, despite being the most like what I want to do with my life, the rotation itself somewhat scares me.  Lots of busy work, from my understanding.  Hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Yesterday was a fantastic day.  In the morning, I got to go on a B-17 flight with my dad.  That was really cool.  It’s the 2nd time we’ve had the opportunity to do this, so it’s very special to me.  Then, after spending the day with my parents, I went to a Halloween party at my professor’s house with two of my really good friends.  I had a lot of fun doing all the makeup for our costumes.  I even got to do a butterfly mask for one of my friends!  The party was tons of fun too.  It could only have been better if we’d made it to the haunted house we’d planned to go to.

And I am thoroughly enjoying the end of daylight savings time.