So here how the last couple of days of my ICU rotation have gone:

Background:  it all started when a patient got an extra dose of an antibiotic.  I had given the drug at 4pm because the previous ICU student had indicated that the meds were supposed to be given then.  However, that was apparently incorrect.  So when the student on the case came in at 7pm, the patient received an additional round of medications.  I receive a call later that night asking if I gave the meds at 7 because “the student gave them early.”  I knew I had given the medications at 4, but being half-asleep and knowing I gave them, I said that I was the one that gave them at 7.

Fast forward to yesterday when, thanks to an allergy-induced fog, I overdosed another patient with an anti-inflammatory.  I stepped up and immediately notified the proper personnel as soon as I noticed my mistake.

All of this sets up for today:  during my shift, the IOR comes by to talk to me about my “dosing errors.”  I explain to him that, yes, I realized my mistake and was careful the rest of the day to not let it happen again.  Then I go into detail about what happened with patient #1.  Apparently, someone told him that I was the one who gave the second dose of antibiotics.  Then, apparently I was also blamed for giving additional medications on a patient that I never knew about.  The IOR was gracious enough to tell me he would investigate further now that he had my side of the story, but at this point, I literally don’t know what to do to avoid being blamed for every single thing that goes wrong in the ICU.  It was one thing to be shouldered with all the blame for problems I was only partially involved in, but to be accused of screwing up meds on a patient I didn’t even have………..I’m honestly speechless about that.  I literally have nothing to say except the objective details about what happened.  I just can’t understand why someone would accuse me of all these things and not even come talk to me about it to find out what happened in the first place (or if I even had anything to do with it at all).

And to add one more punch in the gut, I got a call at 5:30 this morning telling me I “need to start paying attention to what I’m doing” because the med student failed to put a medication in the fridge.  Somehow now that’s my fault.

Ahh, what a day.