I woke up this morning not sure what day it was.  I thought it was Thursday until I saw a schedule and realized it was only Wednesday.  Not gonna lie, I’m a little excited to be done with this rotation.

Vacation coming up in 2 weeks and I will be in South Dakota!!!  Woohoo!!!

On a lighter note, I met my upstairs neighbors after what sounded like an armoire full of bricks got knocked over.  Turns out apparently they walk around the apartment in socks.  That can only mean one thing — apparently our buildings were constructed by the lowest bidder and my rent money is padding someone’s pocket (probably to pay attorney fees when something goes horribly wrong).  Needless to say, I still think that pacing in the kitchen in high heels for an hour or owning a 50lb dog is a little ridiculous, but these people seem to have common sense and common decency, so I’m guessing that I just got the one apartment that was built on a lunch break.  (And it’s not just me, since nearly everyone who has been in my apartment has commented on how loud it is.  My ceiling just has absolutely no insulation.)  So yeah, frustrations still ensue, but not at the people.  These two actually care about trying to be quiet.

Ok, bed time, since no matter what time my shift is, I have rounds in the morning.  Off to sleep so I can learn about fluid therapy tomorrow.