I am going to get better at this routine posting thing, I swear.

School is back in full swing on main campus, but yet I haven’t noticed much of a difference except in traffic.  I went to Lights on Stillwater to help out with the vet med table, and it was interesting seeing all the new freshmen on campus.  The whole evening was sort of surreal, remembering being in undergrad and going to the fair, getting lots of free pens and coupons…remembering how things were before vet school took over.  Sometimes I wish I could have a job that just required me to travel and get chai in coffee shops…

I just finished my exotics rotation.  Very sad to finish.  I’m wavering back and forth on whether or not I want to work in a zoo.  There is so much I could do for the conservation efforts by working for a zoo, but I also know it’s a tough road.  Highly competitive, moving where the jobs are…it can be rather unpredictable.  Still, I can’t help but think it would be worth it.  I guess I’ve got awhile to decide, since I still have 8 months of rotations to go through (most of which I’m not thrilled about).

Life decisions suck.  I just want to travel.