So I have to admit, the first week and a half of 4th year hasn’t been too bad.  I’ve been busy, I’m getting up earlier than I’m used to (or than I enjoy), and I have yet to get home before 6pm, but overall, it’s been okay.  The most frustrating thing is trying to find time to do things I’m supposed to be doing, like going to the bank, going to the store, pretty much anything that requires other places to be open late at night.  And only having about 30 minutes to myself at night between getting home/preparing for the next day and going to bed.  I have to have everything ready the night before or it won’t get done (clothes laid out, coffee pot set, lunch made….) and I definitely pulled over 70 hours last week at the hospital.  But I’d much rather be doing this than taking tests.  Even if I feel stupid for not remembering simple things.