I’ve officially got one week of classes left.  No more exams, just a few papers to finish up and then showing up to class to sign the sheet.  I forced myself to do as much work as I could this weekend so that I could handle the complete loss of motivation that I knew was coming.  I will be leaving on Saturday to visit my husband for the first time in 5 months, and I absolutely cannot wait for that!  I am so ready to be out of here!

4th year is coming up, and in a way, I’m starting to get excited.  I know that it’s going to be a lot of work and utterly exhausting at times, but at least it’s closer to reality than what I’ve endured for the last 3 years.  One year of that and then I get to finally do what I came to vet school to do.  There has been a lot of things that have occurred over the last 3 years that I haven’t agreed with.  Lots of politics, changing philosophies — it’s fair to say I’m definitely old-fashioned.  Much more of a James Herriot view of vet med rather than the animal version of human med that is becoming the new face of the profession.  Not that I think there is anything necessarily wrong with that attitude — the animals are certainly benefiting from the medical and technological advancements — but I am not one to be stuck in a hospital all day.  I want to be out in the world, doing stuff on the farm, or in a shelter, helping animals that truly need it that can’t exactly afford the new technologies and procedures out there.  That doesn’t mean I want to provide sub-standard care:  on the contrary.  I want to provide the best care possible.  I just don’t want my clients to be bound by financial constraints that come with these advancements.

That said, I am definitely excited to be going into 4th year, but more than anything, I am excited to be able to serve the animal kingdom and the humans who care for them.