This is probably the most intensive week I have so far.  If not the most intensive, definitely in the top 2.  We had one cardio exam today, with another two on Friday, one of which is a comprehensive final.  (Yes, three tests in the same class in one week.)  So alas, I will be studying all day again.

The vet school managed to finally get a decent report out to the media surrounding last week’s drama.  Apparently the dean could have made a comment earlier but was under the impression that he could not make a statement without first going through the university.  (Personally, I’m not convinced that the university didn’t tell him he couldn’t talk and then retracted it after it made them look bad, but it doesn’t matter–we finally have an “official” voice now.)  So with any luck, everyone can just move on with their lives now.

This weekend cannot come fast enough.  Wine bar, good friends, dinner with the family, and with any luck, a day of sweats, movies, and not worrying about school.  Now that’s the life!