After reading some of the comments in response to letters to the editor in various papers, it appears that many people out there are finally beginning to see through the hasty sensationalism in the first articles about the school.  Thanks to all my classmates who fought so hard against the lies and misconceptions to bring the truth out into the light by providing statements and writing letters.  Perhaps there is a light at the end of this after all.

In non-controversy news, I finally have my car back after 2 weeks!  Thank heaven for full-coverage insurance!  That would have been rather expensive otherwise.  Hopefully I can avoid any more car wrecks in the future (or cars full of boys waiting for the stop sign to turn green).  Anyways, it’s just a relief.  I miss my Jeep.  I’m not used to short little cars.

Apparently I have to find a 3rd preceptor for 4th year.  The place I had picked was a rehab center for military working dogs.  The downside is that the only I can work there is to enlist in the Army.  So that’s out.  Maybe I’m back to Alaska or Florida.  Either way, I’m getting the heck outta here!

Off to study.  Have a good day!