So life is moving on in light of all the controversy.  Thankfully, now that the truth is coming out, people are starting to calm down a bit.  Hopefully the effects won’t be too long-lasting.  The O’Colly continues to defend their story and their reporter insomuch that every follow-up article has been more of a laundry list of quotes and facts than an actual story, and anything regarding our communications have continued to villify the vet school.  Their attempts at objectivity and balanced reporting have been disappointing at best, but at least the truth is finally getting out.  That’s better than nothing, I suppose.  Even though the damage will likely not be reversed, perhaps things will start to settle down now.

My group had our radiology clinical rotation today.  It was actually a lot of fun.  I must be a total nerd, but I loved learning the science behind how radiograph films are made.  In a way, it’s almost disappointing that so many places are moving to digital — kinda takes some of the facination out of it.  But you do get much prettier pictures and you can see so much more, so that’s definitely a positive trade-off.  I really like radiology a lot.  Not sure I’m up for another 4 years of training, but maybe someday.

Ok, off to bed to prepare for another day.