For those who aren’t aware, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding my vet program right now.  Madeline Pickens, wife of billionare T. Boone Pickens, has decided not to give the vet school $5 million dollars based on the allegations that the vet school engaged in barbaric procedures.  This allegation came from an “anonymous” source within the vet school, and the school newspaper (and subsequently Associated Press) ran a story about how the vet school, according to Mrs. Pickens, removed kidneys from dogs and broke their legs as part of our junior surgery class, in addition to waking them up multiple times before finally killing them.  If these accusations weren’t enough, now the Tulsa World has released a story “confirming” the incidence of “rare organ removals.”  This is all so very sad and disheartening to me, not only because it isn’t true, but because it was blown way out of proportion.  But I think, above all, what hurts the most is the comments that have been directed toward the vet school and all OSU grads regarding these claims.

So far, people have accused us of being sick, heartless, cold-blooded, murderers, emotionless people, and many other things I can’t even begin to name.  Some have claimed that they will never again take their pets to an OSU grad.  The outpouring of hate based on false allegations is just unbelieveable to me, and the fact that this one student is behind all of it is just………….well, there are no words for it.  This one vet student, who apparently already has a job lined up once she graduates, turned and stabbed all of her colleages in the back (since they will now have difficulties finding a job due to these allegations), not to mention orchestrated a massive undermining of the very institution who gave her the information and the degree to practice medicine.  The whole situation just leaves me speechless.  This one person, who doesn’t even have the courage to put her name to her “cause,” brought a lot of hurt on to people who helped her get where she is now, all because she wanted to “take a stand” for something (which again, she obviously doesn’t believe in enough to attach her name to it).  I wish I could understand how some people think sometimes, but I have a feeling it would just depress me even more.

The O’Colly has refused to print a retraction.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  They are defending their story and the reporter to the death, even though the reporter failed to get all sides of the story before going to press.  I’m not sure at what point a deadline becomes more important than the truth, but in this case, that deadline must have been pretty damn important for her to do so little research.  Now, they are backtracking (once they realized that maybe printing a slanderous article was a bad idea) and are trying to present the vet school’s side of the story, but even they had to admit that they can’t undo the damage that has been done.  The new story most likely won’t run until Thursday, and by then, no one will listen to any of it.  Their opinions have been formed based on the first article, which had no indication that a follow-up investigation would be completed, and there’s little they can do to change that.  I appreciate their efforts for sure, but I think journalistic integrity should have been the main priority in the first place.

All in all, there’s not much I can say about this.  I’m not going to go into depth on the procedures that we do.  For people who want to read a very well-written articulate article on the matter, you may go here.  I’m simply trying to convey the emotions felt by one student who was deeply hurt and betrayed by all that has happened.  In the end, my integrity as a medical professional will forever be brought into question because of a lie told by a rich woman about where and how I received my training.  All this brought about by the personal, vindictive agenda of a so-called colleage.

I recently bought a pendant that I intend to wear everyday for awhile with the words “Courage is grace under pressure.”  It will have to be my reminder as I continue along this mountain path that has been laid out before me.  I will just have to continue walking with my head high and hope that the damage is not too extensive.

(As a side note:  this is not an opening for a political forum.  I have heard all possible sides.  I don’t wish to hear anymore.  Any hate-filled or closed-minded comments will be deleted.)